Valerie Damen

Boardroom Wall Wrap

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Print Media


Technologies in Education envisioned a bright, dynamic, and conceptual feature wall for their communal boardroom.


Boardroom Wall Mural

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Print Media


While working in-house for Technologies in Education, I was approached by management, to create artwork for a mural that was going to be installed in their communal boardroom.


I faced three main challenges during the production of this project:

1. The client did not have a concrete conceptual direction, so full creativity was in my hands.

2. Management sought artwork that was bright and creative, but also corporate at the same time.

3. The format for this mural included architectural obstacles that I had to consider during the design process.


After careful evaluation of the space and measurement of the boardroom's feature wall, I began brainstorming and sketching possible solutions. I had mounds of ideas jotted down in my sketchbook, but one conceptual direction resonated with me most: graphically-stylized maps. I thought this theme was the strongest because it was creative, corporate, and conceptual — the artwork would be both beautiful and functional at the same time.

With a key theme in mind, I began listing potential map locations that I could vectorize from. Alberta, Edmonton, the U of A, and the Faculty of Education, were some of the ideas on that list. I ended up selecting the U of A as the map location for the wall mural because that location  contains enough buildings/roads to create visual interest, but at the same time, it wouldn't be too complex and chaotic on the eye like the Alberta or Edmonton map would end up being (Alberta and Edmonton have much more complexity in terms of buildings, houses, roads, landmarks, etc.)

Once I was confident that I had a solid direction on the project, I pitched the concept to management before I started diving into the design process (I didn't want to start such a strategic project such as map development, without full approval on the idea first). Management was blown away by the pitch and they immediately gave me the go-ahead to proceed with developing the artwork.


The map artwork ended up being constructed using a series of overlapping and interconnecting lines and dots. The design not only created a sense of place, but it also evoked circuitry boards and electricity themes — subtly tying in Tech in Ed's brand identity too.


I worked closely with the vinyl print shop and installation crew during the production stages. To ensure that every last detail of the mural vision was met, I created a virtual mockup of the artwork within the boardroom space itself. This not only allowed the client to visualize the design within the room but it also gave the vinyl installation crew a guide to work from.