Valerie Damen

Creative Ideation

Client: Internal
Services Provided: Digital Illustration, Wholesale Merchandise


The artwork that we strategically display in our homes and the clothes that we carefully pair with our shoes, all play a part in expressing our personal identity and interests. These lightbulb-branded items reflect my personal creative journey and the diversity of my work.


Creative Ideation  

Client: Internal
Services Provided: Digital Illustration, Wholesale Merchandise



Often throughout my career, I've experienced "lightbulb moments" during brainstorming, sketching, and research for all sorts of design and illustration projects. I decided to pay tribute to these creative moments by illustrating a seamless lightbulb pattern and branding it on items of personal interest that I thought many others would enjoy wearing or displaying in their home too.


I faced one main challenge during the production of this project:

1. Having me, myself, and I as the client — often times it's easier to design for others than to put the mirror on yourself and dig deep.

Technique & Construction

When I first started this project I had no idea what I wanted to illustrate. I only knew the message that I wanted to convey and the items that I wanted to brand the illustration with in the end.

I started off the project as I would with any other and began a giant brainstorm session. My overall goal for the project was to express my creative journey and the wide range of work/clients that I have worked with. I filled the page with all sorts of keywords, but one visual stuck out to me most: Lightbulbs. I thought "lightbulbs strongly represent thoughts, ideas, and knowledge and at the same time are visually diverse in form, shape, size, and brightness. This discovery of leading the project in this lightbulb direction literally became a "lightbulb moment" and it wasn't long until I began sketching out my ideas — crafting them into digital formations.


The lightbulbs were independently illustrated as individual entities and eventually were arranged into a seamless pattern that was branded on pillows, leggings, magnets, posters, postcards, and tea towels. 


Linesheets and catalogues are only available upon request.  If you're interested in placing a wholesale order, please email me for inquiries.