Valerie Damen
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Intersections Brand

Client: External Research, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Marketing, Print Media


Intersections of Sustainability visually underwent a playful and geometric aesthetic paired with textured intersecting lines.


Intersections Brand

Client: External Research, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Marketing, Print Media


While working in-house for Technologies in Education, I was approached by management, to work on an external revenue generation project — an assignment provided outside of University Funding.


I faced one main challenge during the production of this project:

1. The vast amount of creativity at my disposal. The client didn't concretely know what they were looking for, so the table was completely open in terms of approach.


When I was first presented with the task of developing a brand for Intersections of Sustainability, it was expressed to me that the client had full trust in whatever creative direction that I see fit. I was provided with an array of research documents, projects, and statistics that this external U of A unit developed and I used these documents as resources for gathering keywords, audience(s), and themes. Among my pages of notes and highlighted documents, the unit boiled down to one commonality: water governance.

With an audience of scientists and engineers in mind, I came to the conclusion that Intersections sought after a more corporate brand — something simple and clean. With that information in mind, I developed a few corporate-styled logos that visually conveyed water and research and presented these proofs/rationals to the client. It was to my surprise, however, that upon reviewing these proofs, that the client realized what they did not want: a corporate-style logo. 

Unsure of where to take the project next, with no additional feedback other than what they did not want, I went back to the drawing board and began an entire new brainstorm and sketching session. One of the new keywords I ended up coming up with during that second brainstorm was the term: global warming and one of the visuals I came up with to symbolize this theme was: glaciers.

Taking a big risk in the development of this new glacier concept I was experimenting with, I decided to move forward with creating a more illustrative logo — I thought "it's completely opposite from a corporate-style logo, so perhaps this graphic treatment isn't too far off from what they're looking for."

After a few more rounds of refining the logo in sketches, I came up with an illustrative concept that showcased a glacier both above and below water in all the different states — symbolizing global warming, depth, and climate change. Using color, I digitally brought my rough sketch to life in vector format.



Once the new logo concept was refined and perfected, I then sent off the second proof and design rationale to the client. Upon review, the client promptly approved the design and requested that I move forward with the remaining brand development.

It was at this point in the project that I extended the identity into business cards using a whimsical, intersecting line treatment.


The visuals from the business card were extended onto banners, posters, social media platforms, and website materials.