Valerie Damen
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Tech Poster Series

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Print Media


Technologies in Education sought to better engage students by revamping their communal space with custom-designed wayfinding signage.


Tech Poster Series

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Print Media



While working in-house for Technologies in Education, I was approached by management, to develop a permanent branding system that would dramatically liven up their student communal space.


I faced two main challenges during the production of this project:

1. Developing a graphic aesthetic that would not become absolute or dated in a few years time.

2. Figuring out a format that was both permanent and budget-sensitive.

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After careful evaluation of the space and measurement of the empty walls that needed some revamping, I gathered my notes and set off to brainstorm possible solutions and ideas.

I had full creative freedom at my fingertips, an established/functioning geometric brand to visually stem from, and a bright, eye-popping color palette to experiment with — lots to consider and lots of unique directions to lead the project in. What ultimately steered the initial branding plan though, was the student-based audience. I thought the engagement of students while also being informative, were the most important things to prioritize while approaching the initial brand plan.

With those key goals in mind, I decided that the entire project should consist of a series of posters (I thought that breaking up each wall with a series of layouts, instead of one giant poster, would be more visually interesting). I then considered the number of empty walls to fill and began sketching possible grid layout solutions. It was at this stage that I presented my manager and team with a project brief. They immediately approved the direction and thereafter provided me with concrete body copy for the Electro and Online Course poster entities.

At first, I envisioned the entire poster series embodying matching illustrative and icon-based visuals, however, after a few hours of sketching, I ended up slightly shifting the visual aesthetic for each featured wall — they all followed their parent Tech in Ed brand using the same color palette, but at the same time they also stood out individually.


The project ended up becoming a large-scale poster series that consisted of mini-campaigns. Each wall featured a unique poster layout/design and served a tailored service/message.

In the end, the project was a huge success. Students and faculty were noticing the new wayfinding signage with a full appreciation for the revamped communal space. 


With a strong consideration for the strict budget, I came up with the idea to outsource the posters onto matte paper and mount the artwork onto foamcore by hand.