Valerie Damen

Tech Workshops

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Print Media, Content Development


Students were not showing up to Technologies in Education’s free Red Chair Session workshops, so I pitched to revamp the entire campaign from the ground up.

Tech Workshops

Client: Tech in Ed, Faculty of Education, U of A
Services Provided: Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Print Media, Content Development


While working in-house for Technologies in Education, I heard through the grapevine that students were not showing up to the monthly free Red Chair Session workshops. After hearing this news, I approached management with the self-initiated idea to consider rebranding and remarketing the entire campaign from the ground up.


I faced two main challenges during the production of this project:

1. Getting management open to the idea of not only recreating a visual identity for the campaign but to also consider changing the title and tagline of the monthly series too.

2. Coming up with an identity that could serve as a versatile template that looked similar each month but at the same time, different enough to visually capture the student's attention and engagement.


After management gave me the full go-ahead to rebrand the Red Chair Session campaign both visually and content-wise, I began brainstorming in preparation for the design stage. Since the main challenge was to better engage student's into attending the free workshops, I had to sit down and review the old campaign identity and figure out what was not working. I knew that the low attendance of the workshops was not directly from the themes or quality of the free seminars, so I figured that the large root of the problem was both the previous poster design as well as the title name and tagline. With that new information at my fingertips, I came up with a few new event titles and selected the strongest one. I landed on "Tech Workshops" with a tagline labeled "Free Seminars." 

Once I had a solid new title to work from, I then began developing potential design approaches. I came up with the plan to move away from red chair visuals altogether and focused entirely on the workshop themes and categories instead. Since the workshops covered such a variety of tech and classroom processes, I decided that creating a handful of geometric collaged illustrations would be the most effective solution to the rebranded campaign. I jotted a few pages of tech/education keywords to be featured and visually integrated those items into a rough asymmetrical grid sketch. After a few hours of refining and re-sketching, I then digitally recreated the drawing using greyscale values in Illustrator. Color was then applied at the very end — I wanted to focus on the structure of the design without getting distracted by color during this particular stage.


Once I had the rebranded poster design fully completed, I sent the proof to management and they immediately approved. The rebranded campaign ended up becoming a total success. Student's were stopping in their tracks to take a closer look at the poster and as a result, the attendance drastically increased.

The entire campaign, in general, had a much more functional template system. Instead of just one set of colors and one static image being used each month, there was a variety of 4 to choose from (4 different templates and 4 different color palettes to experiment with).


The budget for the project was estimated at a very low level, so I came up with the idea to outsource the poster each month and cut/score them in-house to save money on printing costs.